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The core competencies of 5Voxel are the S/W & H/W design of 3D camera and also system integration, including opto-mechatronics design, auto-calibration, embedded system integration, CV algorithms, hardware acceleration and application development.

Except helping customer on 3D camera mass production & software integration, 5Voxel is also creating own brand products aggressively. In the automotive electronics market, 5Voxel introduces its driver monitoring system and gesture control solution.

In surveillance market, 5Voxel introduces a highly-integrated, low-cost and tiny 3D AIoT solution that make end-deive with thinking capability. We enable edge to sense 3D objects and connect to the cloud for real-time data analysis report.

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Capital amount:$17,800,000

Fundraising round:Seed

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1. VoxelGesture: a 3D vision AIoT device which can complete ToF depth generation and AI gesture reco…


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Contact person:Sams Lin

Contact phone:(886)287320385



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