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Essential solution

1.「VACAN Maps」
Vacancy information platform for restaurants, shopping malls, and gyms etc.
Use camera to detect flow of people with AI technology, providing the vacancy information and social distance notification.
Queue management with online and offline service.
Toilet usage detection with information platform.
5.「AirKnock + Ads」
Toilet usage solution to reduce the congestion and long time usage, with accurate delivery of the video Ads.

Date of establishment:2016/6/8

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Fundraising round:A round

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Company introduction

ACAN is Japan's leading IoT Startup, focusing on delivering real-time vacancy information and vacanc…


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Facilities can choose the best congestion detection solution for their needs and share the “real-tim…


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Contact person:Kobe Lai

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Team member

Takanobu Kawano (CEO)


  • Master''s Degree in Management of Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Innovation Management. Kawano served as a researcher of Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., researching market risk management and algorithmic trading, etc. in the financial sector. Joined GREE, Inc. afterwards, and was in charge of coming up with business strategies, business management, new business development, as well as finance and accounting in the United States. He joined LPIXEL as the head of the corporate planning office, before founding VACAN.
  • Certificate-holder Member of SAAJ. Project Management Professional (PMP?)

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