Taiwan AI Inc. 中文

Essential solution

AI algorithm.
AI embedded system design.
AI SaaS solution.

Date of establishment:2018/3/8

Capital amount:$1,000,000

Fundraising round:No funding

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Company introduction


Detailed solution introduction

1. Low power AI system design.
2. Embedded AI software design.
3. AI engine for signal pro…


Contact information

Contact person:Lydia

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Team member

Lydia Chen


  • University graduation
  • Professional investor

Jess Ho

IC design Manager

  • 1. Focus on IC design and embedded AI application.
  • 2. Lead IC design team .
  • 3. FPGA system design.

Kelly Lin


  • 1. Business experience in Japan (3 years)
  • 2. Cloud processing business sales . (2 years)

Startup teams

BayPay Co., Ltd.

Blockchain payment service solution provider.

Youuxi Digital Co., Ltd.

AI x industrial applications. Software development consulting service provider.

A.V. Mapping Co. Ltd.

A.V. Mapping is a one-stop AI video and music mapping and licensing platform.