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DeepMentor can apply our proprietary miniaturization technology to professional cloud AI algorithms (with more than 10M+ parameters) then miniaturize and land them on Edge devices with sustaining >99% of accuracy. DeepMentor provides DeeplogMaker as a SaaS to customers for their AI deployment. We also provide our customers a suitable & small form factor hardware for Edge AI computing with 16TOPS to parallel process 3~4 AI algorithms. Other than those, DeepMentor's team has professional knowledge & experience in advanced ESL technologies, we also offer AI circuit design services & IPs on FPGA for the IC design industry.

Date of establishment:2018/6/1

Capital amount:$20,000,000

Fundraising round:Angel

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Company introduction

DeepMentor is a company that truly lands today's cloud computing AI on Edge. …


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Our DeepLogMaker one-stop SaaS is a low-code AI hardware & software total solution for businesses to…


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Contact person:Annie Hsiao

Contact phone:(+886)35351767 #9201


Team member



  • -Ph.D. of CS, NTHU / Master of EE, NTU
  • -R&D Supervisor at Realtek and Zyxel
  • -Over 20 years of IC and embedded system design development experience
  • -Professional in interdisciplinary integration, high-performance system design, and EDA
  • -2 papers published in IEEE TCAD Journal, and 23 articles published in international A-class journal conference
  • -Received the SASIMI Best Paper Award 2018
  • -6 national patents granted, 4 Chinese patents, and a U.S. patent(5-in-1) have been submitted for review

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NEUCHIPS Coporation

AI Deep Learning Accelerator Intellectual Property/Algorithm/IC Design


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