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All-In-One Cloud & Smart Lock Solution Create a Well-leveraged Proptech Business.

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JGB Smart Property is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution with real-time performance…


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JGB PMS Ten Core Features:
1. Dashboard : Built in dashboard to track works and manage schedules…


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Contact person:Dohan Tsai

Contact phone:(+886)0277305580



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Joanna Tien


  • Committee of International Affairs, Taiwan Institute of Property Management License of Real Estate Broker. Over 10 years of professional experience in global real estate investment for
  • UK, US, JP, AU, VN, China & TW market. Director, PSIM, (Taipei)
  • Committee of Civic Participation of Taipei City Gov. Assistant to the Chairman, Want Want group, (Shanghai). Manager of International Investment, Savills, (Taipei). Analyst of Land Administration, Ministry of Interior of R.O.C.

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