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Vision Based Indoor Positioning, VBIP
The system combines computer vision, magnetic field filtering, RF signal processing to fulfill indoor positioning and navigation without GPS signal. It connects indoor and outdoor scenarios, also helps to minimize sensors and hardware deployment. The system itself can work without hardware devices.
VBIP is an easy to use, fast deploy system that supports multiple applications, as well as AR user interface for a more immersive user experience.
VBIP had supported transportation hubs, museums and galleries, and city sightseeing. Not just positioning and guiding, the system helps AI to understand the environment in order to provide more O2O and OMO services for each location. With smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, and goggles, the location owners can set up point of interests(POIs) from the backend to interact with users. The system support multi forms of digital content that help to enhance user experience.

Date of establishment:2017/3/17

Capital amount:$60,000,000

Fundraising round:Seed

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OSENSE Technology has focused on artificial intelligence technology of spatial recognition and set u…


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If AI is a super genius, OSENSE TECH is his eyes, allowing him to "see" th…


Contact information

Contact person:Kehsin Hsu

Contact phone:(886)0287717175 #26



Team member

Joseph Wang

Founder / CEO

  • - Current PhD Students, Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology
  • - M.E., Graduate Institute of Color & Illumination Technology, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  • - EMBA, Fudan University
  • Joseph, a serial entrepreneur, is passionate about disruptive technologies, especially among spatial recognition, AI and AR technologies, taking ideas from concept to reality. He established OSENSE technology in 2017 and kept working on turning innovation into enduring value, aiming to become the first unicorn in the spatial recognition technology industry. "I will lead the team to develop products and services that people all over the world will benefit!" Joseph said.

Dr. Jiungyao York Huang

Co-Founder / Tech Advisor

  • - Ph.D. in Computer and Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts
  • Dr. Huang retired from NTPU as a computer science professor and had been the technology consultant for government institutes including the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology, Institutes of information Industry, and Ministry of National Defense. He devoted himself to computer science and led the R&D team to innovate cutting-edge technologies to help OSENSE create valuable applications for customers.

James Ko

Co-Founder / Finance Advisor

  • - Ph.D. in Management, Shanghai Fudan University
  • Dr. Ko is an experienced financial consultant specializing in management consulting for enterprises like Starbucks Taiwan, Cite Media Holding Group, China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., etc. He not only helps OSENSE pass through the barrier of the financing lifecycle in the different stages but also takes us from early-stage start-up through venture capital financing to initial public offering and beyond.

Li Wen Feng


  • - MA of IMC, Emerson College
  • Li-Wen had over 5 years of consulting experience in marketing research and strategy at Horizon Research and Consulting Group, the major and leading marketing and consulting group in China. After coming back from China, he had joined Global Views - Commonwealth Publishing Group as a team leader of major projects including cultivating brands, innovating digital services, and developing business and marking plans. Now, he is dedicated to leading OSENSE team growing up to be more productive, moving forward to the next stage, and achchieving high goals!

Neo Tsai


  • - Communication Engineering, National Taipei University
  • - Industrial Management & Engineering, Waseda University
  • Neo has developed one of the core technology of OSENSE called VBIP, vision based indoor positioning, for people to navigate properly through space. He has invited and patented computer vision technology for spatial recognition. Enthusiastic about solving real-world problems, Neo was assigned to develop in Japan and excited to face the challenges there. "I kept going because I believe Where there are challenges - there are opportunities" he encouraged the team.

Edwin Chen

Director, Project Management

  • - China Medical University
  • Edwin had over 6 years of experience in interactive technology. He thought of interactive technology as a creative experience in his life, so he has held roles as an interactive producer, interactive designer and creative director at OSENSE. "He was very talented as a curator." CEO Joseph said. Nowadays he brings solid curatorial experience on our applications in many public spaces such as international airports, sports stadiums, and transportation systems. He believes that we are all co-creators in life, so "why not give the world something different"?

Wade Chang

Business Development and Product Management

  • - Graduate Institute of Technology, Innovation & Intellectual Property Management, NCCU
  • - Department of Geosciences, NTU
  • Several years of experience in AR and VR industries, Wade is an expert in building up an internet business model with AR and VR technology, creating AR-based advertisement opportunities by interactive technology and amplifying the potential reach of many people greatly. Joined OSENSE and stationed in Tokyo, Wade is responsible for the business development, team building and product management of the Japanese market. "I firmly believe that everything will be the entrance of AR in the near future and the interaction between human beings and computers will lead to a paradigm shift," Wade said.

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