Millilab Co., Ltd. 中文

Essential solution

Product: Millimeter wave radar module
Service: 1. Millimeter wave radar sensor solution
2. Customized design of millimeter wave antenna
3. Customized service of millimeter wave radar algorithm
4. Consultation service for sensor selection
Solutions of Pain points: 1. Shorten the timeline for the development of millimeter wave radar
by SI
2. Reduce the development cost of millimeter wave antennas by SI and
shorten the development timeline

Date of establishment:2019/1/21

Capital amount:$2,000,000

Fundraising round:No funding

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Company introduction

millilab was founded on January 1, 2019. It is a solution provider focusing on millimeter wave radar…


Detailed solution introduction

24GHz millimeter wave radar sensor module ODM
-Security System Presence Sensor
-Smart Bathro…


Contact information

Contact person:Bibben Lin

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Team member


Founder and CEO

  • Wanshih Electronics/Assistance Vice President
  • Lenovo Mobile/BU RF Experts
  • hTC/RF assistance manager
  • NCTU/Communication engineering master degree

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