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Many hardware vendors are unable to develop their own deep learning solutions, and deep learning researchers are very specialized in calculus development. However, there are still difficulties in how to apply the output in the industry, mainly from two

*Engineering techniques are not good at
*Insufficient business knowledge

If the two parties want to cooperate, both parties will need to spend a lot of communication, burning technology from the pain point of the enterprise, the hardware needs software to provide innovative services, so the company launched ′Epeuva′ products as a systematic solution for the company to develop a deep learning model. To establish complementary resources for both parties.

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Capital amount:$8,332,412

Fundraising round:Angel

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Epeuva provides end to end solution to develop AI application running on edge devices, including aut…


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Jocelyn Chen


  • * Ph.D. Candidate, EE, NTU
  • * 联发科 - 影片稳定演算法开发
  • * 2019 灼灼科技 - Co-Founder & CEO
  • * 2019 女性菁英竞赛入选

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