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Nowadays, with the rapid growth of digital technology, enterprises need to proceed the plans that are more effective and more precise when facing the changing market. Most of the consumers are inclined to using cellphone to shop online, it is obvious that traditional media promotional modes are not enough for customers. In order to solve the shock brought from the new digital era, AccuHit AI Technology integrates marketing knowledge and technological application along with cloud services, providing the services of consulting and products to assist the companies to save the time and cost of business development Thus, companies can quickly respond all kinds of creative technological application.

Date of establishment:2018/3/13

Capital amount:$300,000,000

Fundraising round:B round

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AccuHit AI Technology is one of the fastest-growing MarTech Company in Taiwan, we offer highly integ…


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The services AccuHit AI Technology provides for the companies are mainly about MarTech information, …


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Contact person:Mike Wu

Contact phone:(886)22711900 #166


Team member

Mike Wu

Chief Business Officer

  • ■ Chief Business Officer of AccuHit AI Technology
  • ■ Executive Director of AccuHit AI Technology and DaEX Intelligent
  • ■ Mainly in charge of business operation and business development
  • ■ Expertise in integrating strategic visions into innovative MarTech applications

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